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Together We Can All Make A Difference!

Beyond Ability Matters is a non-profit organization that assists young adults with autism and other neurological disabilities. Our charity heavily emphasizes the importance of inclusion and independence in schools and social life for these kids. We were founded on the basis that every adolescent should have the same opportunities in life and this organization gives the chance to live a normal life for all. We started out as just an after-school service and have grown exponentially since then to helping all communities around Dublin.

We are a community based charity and are extremely involved with finding and giving those with disabilities the help and support they need. These members are actively needing support to find work and be full participants of the community. Our charity fights for higher quality services for those with disabilities both inside and outside schools.


What We Do

We provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live their best lives through the funding of different experiences for these young adults. These opportunities can vary from volunteering, socializing, travel and education. The goal of each of these are to enhance the individuals’ ability to contribute and connect to the community and getting involved. Many of the members get involved by finding jobs at local businesses.

We have also started providing housing and supporting individuals that require it, currently we have 10 homes that are staffed 24/7. Beyond Ability Matters also pairs with school districts and collaborates with them in order to make every school the best they can be with their disability services. The main goal overall is to make every participant feel like they can do or be anything they want. .


Together We Are Better

The first step to helping would be to make a donation, anything helps even the smallest amount can go a long way to get to our goals, and since we are a 501c3 your donation is tax deductible. 

You can also volunteer and give your time by helping out at events, just go online and look up Beyond Ability Matters jobs and submit an interest form. Every single staff member we have makes a difference for the better at our charity and we are always looking for helpers. 

If you are a student you can participate in the variety of clubs and activities that help the students with disabilities at your all school. Every single contribution makes a positive impact and it is truly a transformative experience to be able to change the life of another human being.

Your Donation Matters

We are better when we are together. Your support and donations enable us to meet our goal of giving young people with autism and neurological disorders the ability to "live their best lives".

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